Background Singer Carmen Carter Overcomes Body Shaming For AGT Audition

Background Singer Carmen Carter Overcomes Body Shaming For AGT Audition

55-year-old Carmen Carter steps out into the spotlight for as unforgettable America’s Got Talent audition.

For years, Carmen has been performing as a background singer. You’ve probably heard her voice, but no one has ever known her name. All that is about to change after Carmen sets foot on the America’s Got Talent stage. When Simon asks why she never achieved a solo career, Carmen shared her heartbreaking backstory. When she was younger, a composer wrote music for Carmen.

A record company representative flew out to hear her sing but delivered some earth-shattering news. “He told the person that wrote the music for me, she’s wonderful but she’s too fat.” After that body-shaming incident, Carmen moved to the background and remained there.

Now, she’s ready to pursue her dreams and take that chance at being a lead singer. Just listen as she belts out the lyrics to ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ from INXS. This soulful rendition struck a chord with the judges and the crowd was on their feet in applause.

Judge Simon Cowell was so impressed with the talented singer. "There has never been a person who has ever bought a record they loved based on how old or how big the artist is. You didn’t come out here as a victim. You came out here to prove a point, and 4,000 people gave you a standing ovation. I think you have an amazing voice.” I think it’s safe to say that no one will be forgetting Carmen’s name any time soon.