'I Thirst' Mark Lowry Sings Gospel Song Written By His Late Mother

'I Thirst' Mark Lowry Sings Gospel Song Written By His Late Mother

Gospel singer Mark Lowry shares a touching performance of his mother’s song, ‘I Thirst.’ Mark is well known for penning the modern-day Christmas hit ‘Mary, Did You Know?'

Over the years, he has continued to write and sing all over the world. Mark is truly a staple in the Christian music scene and he’s even performed with The Gaither Vocal Band on many occasions.

Some people may not know that Mark’s mother, Bev Lowry, was also a gospel singer and songwriter. When Mark was just a young man, his mother penned the song ‘I Thirst.’

“One day I came to Him, I was so thirsty
I asked for water, my throat was so dry
He gave me water that I have never dreamed of
But for this water, my Lord had to die”

These beautiful lyrics remind us that God always provides for His people. He answers our prayers in ways that we cannot even imagine.

“He said, "I thirst," yet He made the rivers
He said, "I thirst," yet He made the sea
"I thirst," said the King of the Ages
In His great thirst, He brought water to me”

This special song was a favorite for Mark and his mother to perform together. Sadly, she passed away in 2013. But her legacy of faith and music continues to live on.

Today, Mark is performing ‘I Thirst’ without his mother for the very first time. After hearing the words, I understand why this was one of his favorite songs from his mother.

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