1 Girl Performs Tap Dancing Fiddle Routine To 'Cotton Eyed Joe'

1 Girl Performs Tap Dancing Fiddle Routine To 'Cotton Eyed Joe'

This toe-tapping performance of “Cotton Eyed Joe” on the fiddle makes you want to get up and start clapping and dancing along with those three amazing fiddle players! But actually, upon closer inspection, what seems to be three girls performing at first is really just one talented girl named Hillary Klug.

From Tennessee, Hillary explains to viewers at the end of this video just how complicated this was to make. “I’ve never done anything so intricate,” she says.

“We tried different locations. We tried inside, we tried outside, nighttime, daytime. We ended up in this parking garage here, and it was super fun. But then, I had to do take after take after take. I kept messing up, because in my mind I was having to separate the three different parts and the three different fiddles.”

No wonder why all the girls in the video looked so similar! They were all Hillary! She just filmed each part separately and put them all together while she was editing the video.

The whole thing is very impressive. From her fiddle playing, to her tap dancing, to her making the video. I’m glad to hear that she enjoyed making the video, because I’m sure her viewers enjoyed watching it!

Hillary has been working on her talents since she was a young girl. She started to dance at the age of 8 and started playing the fiddle at the age of 13. She fell in love with both talents and started performing at local square dances. Hillary moved her way up to performing on stages all over the world, winning championships, and releasing her debut album last year.

In 2019, Hillary has already sold out a show in the UK, toured around Alabama and Florida, and is working on another record to release. This girl is going places! Let’s hope she keeps making videos like this one that bring a smile to people’s faces!

Cotton Eyed Joe

Triple Threat!!!

Posted by Hillary Klug on Friday, March 29, 2019

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