81-Year-Old Roller Skater Still Goes To The Rink Twice A Week

81-Year-Old Roller Skater Still Goes To The Rink Twice A Week

You may not believe it, but this roller-skating queen is 81-years old! And she stays youthful by trying to go to the skating rink at least twice a week.

Edna Davoll currently lives in Bronx, New York but grew up roller skating in Columbus, South Carolina. She fell in love with roller skating as a young girl, and it is still one of her favorite activities to do.

“When I’m skating, it’s such a joy! It’s like your heart rate goes up, and you feel like you had a good workout afterwards,” explains Edna.

Clearly Edna has found a great activity to help her stay youthful! When you watch her on her roller skates, she is so graceful and nimble while she skates all over the floor.

Throughout the years, Edna has many fond memories from going to the roller rink.

“Back in 1980, the rinks were filled to capacity. Music was good and everybody had good attitudes and was there to enjoy. We would go 4 or 5 times a week because they had so many skating rinks at that time.”

But in this day and age, the popularity of roller-skating rinks has somewhat decreased. “Unfortunately, so many rinks have closed down in the last 10-15 years,” says Edna. “I just hope somewhere along the way that some organization will come and reopen some of the rinks for the younger kids so that they can have the pleasure that I had.”

By the looks of it, Edna doesn’t seem to be giving up roller skating anytime soon. And good for her!

“I’m going to go until I can’t go anymore,” she declares. “It keeps me groovy, it keeps me moving. When you leave the skating rink you feel like you have no worries in the world.”

What an inspiration! She just goes to show us that age is just a number. And when you find something that’s good for you and you love doing it, keep it up for as long as you can!