'Gone' Acoustic Performance From Elevation Worship

'Gone' Acoustic Performance From Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship shares an acoustic performance of their song ‘Gone’ from their new album At Midnight.

Written by Steven Furtick and Davide Mutendji, ‘Gone’ is the first song on Elevation Worship’s new album and is full of encouraging lyrics about the freedom that is found in Christ.

“It wasn't for nothing that you shed your blood
So I'm gonna live like my shame is gone
Won't be shackled to the way I was
I'm gonna live like my chains are

Gone, gone
Now my sin is dead and gone
And I sing hallelujah
Done, done
He is risen it is done
And I sing hallelujah”

There are five songs on the At Midnight album and Chris Brown of Elevation Worship shares about what he loves from the songs on it. “I think my favorite part about this project is its versatility,” he says. “It has uplifting anthems like ‘See A Victory’ and slow ballads like ‘With You.’ One reminds us that God will fight our battles if we invite Him in, and the other reminds us to lean into Him in the stillness. I just feel like this project has a song for every season and a mantra for every mindset.”

Chris goes on to talk about how the band drew inspiration for the new album from Acts 16 where Paul and Silas are thrown into prison. “As they worshipped God, verse 25 tell us that the prison doors swung open at midnight and their chains were loosed. With this project, we asked the question: What if our praise was the kind of praise that broke chains?”

As you sing along to ‘Gone,’ remember that we can live our lives in an abundant way, not shackled down by guilt or shame. Because of Jesus, we can raise a hallelujah for the freedom that he brings!