Ransom - by Sibling Harmony

Two stories are woven together. One story of a Christian falling into temptation, bored at church, who life turns around because of the 2nd story which is of Jesus, and His death and Resurrection to give us the hope of new life now and in eternity. The incredible (color) footage used in this video is from the following movies: Matthew: A Dramatic Presentation of the Life of Jesus - www.ThomasNelson.com The Book of John - www.visualbible.com The Jesus Film - www.jesusfilm.org This version of Ransom is performed by the band, Sibing Harmony (Kim, Kurtis, and Kevin Bueltmann). The main character in the black and white scenes was played by Aaron Bueltmann. If you want to purchase the song or the CD it is on, go to www.SiblingHarmony.com.

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