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As my first videos uploaded to GodTube

As my first videos uploaded to GodTube

A World Exclusive upload by Farmer Christian available only here at GodTube to celebrate my discovery of this site and coming a full circle finding myself with a new platform. For You, with Love.

I discovered GodTube today while visiting friends and listening to 'Sheffy's profile playlist and during my first uploads and realisation of coming full circle, I was moved to grab my Motorola A920/925 3G Mobile handset to do as I have done for many years now and thats record live and without scripts or rehearsals. It is as it was.

This part 2 of 2 x 60secondvideos becoming a shortCut.
A freedom4life.com Production MMIIX

Farmer Christian can also be found at www.myspace.com/freedomrockstv and www.freedom4life.com/downunder360 and with Gods Economy www.1dollarcarboncredits.com