help family get their home back

Please we need your help to spread this message. We can't make this happen without your help!!!
Please take a moment to read this and watch the video. Please donate anything you can. If you can't contribute please share this story on your facebook page.

I’m writing this along with a short story about myself and the situation we're in now. In hopes of reaching out to some good kind hearted people to make this happen. Please take moment and check out this web sites below for more information. We’ve been renting the home me and my mom live for the last 7 years I believe. We used to own the home but some unfortunately events happened and some bad advice we lost the house and we’re now renting it. And its get hard to keep up repairs with the limited income we’re on. The person we are now renting from is trying to give the house back to us by setting up a gofundme page but we need more help to get this out there and spread the story. Please we need your help on this we’re not sure who else to turn to on how to get this more out there. Anything you can do to help weil very much be appreciated.

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