2016 Nanoom Flashmob(Praisemob) video 'WE BELIEVE'

"As our imperfect selves, God loves us, and we're then perfect in His eyes.
We are believers of Christ, but we recognize our downfalls as human beings. All of us are children of God - and we each are as valuable as one another. None of us are greater or less. So look to the Trinity of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for the Truth, and not us as our title of Christians. In this life we've been given, we're all searching for a greater purpose of our being. From God flows all these understandings of the goodness we have; and in times of challenges and heartaches from other reasons, God strengthens us in our hearts. With the Bible, prayers, and praise songs to Christ, we pursue happiness in the form of joy and peace that God gives. God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross for us because of this unfathomable love for me and you. The Holy Spirit lives in us. God loves us, is patient, just, and kind; there are no hidden conditions.
As this praise mob group, we stepped forth to share this Good News for me and you, and we declared our faith in Downtown Vancouver, BC. In love and blessings, we hope you enjoy it."

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