A Small Whisper (Sermon Jam)

What is the purpose in suffering and trials? Suffering means to undergo an experience. All Christians will experience a continual baptism into Christ and will die to self. We will go through hard times but He will be with us to teach us. We will suffer for God’s sake and undergo many experiences. This how we will further be made into His image. Patience in suffering brings about His work in our lives. It costs to learn to persevere. How can we endure? We must fall back into the arms of grace. We must be disciplined to be Christ’s disciples. Obedience is worked out in us through fear and trembling. It is God who does this work in us as we walk by faith. No flesh shall glory in His presence. He is the Potter and we are the clay. We must walk before Him in humility and weakness. What we have learned must be worked out in us. All things must be shaken so that which cannot be shaken may remain. Christianity is an ongoing personal relationship with God through Christ. Christianity is not about us “doing good” but it is about surrendering our life to Christ and living by faith. We must find peace in Christ alone. Is the road we are walking on lead us away or toward God?
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