Serious Cat Takes His Time Before Deciding To Hit The Dog

Serious Cat Takes His Time Before Deciding To Hit The Dog

One serious cat is going viral after taking his time before hitting the dog.

Everyone likes to think of dogs as man’s best friend, but cats definitely have some special emotions of their own. They tend to get a bad reputation for being cold and unloving, but I think most cat owners would disagree. But in the case of this cat, I think he needs a bit more time to warm up.

Just watch as the cat sits on the edge of the sofa while the unsuspecting dog sits below. The cat looks down at the dog and does some serious contemplation before deciding to go ahead and hit the dog.

In fact, he thought about it for over 30 seconds with his little paw hovering in the air. Obviously, this is not a new occurrence because the owner was filming the entire hilarious ordeal. And when you watch the viral clip, you will be laughing out loud too.

And you’re not the only one because the video has garnered over a million views after being shared online. You have to admit that cats always keep things interesting around the house. I’m sure glad the owner was able to capture this on camera.

Do you have a mischievous pet like this in your home?

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