On Any Given Day

This video was created to help believers in Christ think about the reality of the world around them. So often we get caught up with life and we forget to be concerned about what really matters. Many people are living and dying each day without Christ. Christ came to save the lost. He came that man could be connected again to God both now and in eternity. If we really believe this, then why are we not sharing with our loved ones? If this is true, then we need to be telling people...

We often hear the message of “God loves you” (and it’s true that God does love us) but we’re not really facing the issue that until we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we're separated from God because of our sins.

I hope this video doesn’t come across as “fear mongering”. That wasn’t the intension. I just find that many believers, like myself, aren’t always thinking about what’s really important. The bible says that the gospel of Christ is “The Good News”… Are we sharing this “Good News” to those we say we love? What about those who we don’t love?

Feel free to fill the forum below with your thoughts on this subject. Thanks for viewing.

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