Attitude of Gratitude

Joshua 4:20-22 “In the future, when your children ask their fathers, ‘What is the meaning of these stones? ’ 22you should tell your children, ‘Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’

• What are the stones in your life that you have?

• Are they a Memorial of God’s blessing or memorial to your sadness?

• When God shows up do you have an attitude of Gratitude for the blessing or do you attitude of victimization

• Every Christian should be a Living Memorial Stone!

• That our children, our spouse, our co-workers would look at us just as the Children in our passage would ask what is the reason for the memorial stones?

• Those around us should ask similar questions about us...

• Are you LIVING MEMORIAL or are you a tombstone?

• What has God done in your life that you have praised Him for?

• God gives us visuals to be memorials of His blessing.

o In Exodus –the blood in the doorway for Passover

o In Matthew- the wine and bread in communion

o In John- the nails, holes in Jesus hand and His Resurrection

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