Pro-Life App

Pro-Life App Every day thousands of pregnant young women will struggle to make the decision whether to carry her baby to term or terminate her pregnancy...and lives hang in the balance. So many people would help just one woman if they just knew of her struggle and how to help.

Confused and alone, she desperately contacts a crisis pregnancy center. That phone call ignites a flood of prayer, resulting in many graces received and a life saved. How did this happen so quickly and so efficiently?

Options United's new desktop and mobile app sent a prayer request to thousands of users, triggering a flood of prayer and graces for this client and the staff helping her. Working together with prayer & technology we can save untold numbers of lives.

Your generous donation is the beginning of a new age of effective pro life efforts. Join us now in this effort and click the link above to participate! Your tax deductible donation will reap a profit that can change our communities, our cities and our culture to a more pro life nation!