Israel warns P5+1 not to let up on Iran (Second Coming Watch Update #414)

Israel warns P5+1 not to let up on Iran (Second Coming Watch Update #414)

1. According to Reuters, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the leaders of Great Britain and France to urge them not to ease sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, ahead of talks between Iran and world powers.

2. According to the Times of Israel, The Iranian delegation to an upcoming round of nuclear talks with the P5+1 nations plans to present a three-stage compromise proposal that would entail Western recognition of the legitimacy of Iran’s controversial uranium enrichment program.

3. According to The Times of Israel, President Bashar Assad says Syria has shifted the focus of its military industry from Israel to the internal insurgency. Speaking to the Lebanese daily Al-Akh-bar, a newspaper close to Hezbollah and sympathetic to his government, Assad said Syria’s advanced missile capabilities were sufficient to deter Israel militarily and therefore he did not need the chemical stockpile.

4. According to the Times of Israel, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is considering an appeal to the United Nations Security Council over what he termed as Israel's continuous violation of Palestinian property as well as ongoing settler violence in the West Bank.

5. According to Reuters, a mass evacuation saved thousands of people from India's fiercest cyclone in 14 years.

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