Netanyahu: North Korean nuke test is a lesson for dealing with Iran (Second Coming Watch Update #310)

1. According to The Associated Press, Israel's prime minister says North Korea's recent nuclear test shows that "sanctions alone will not stop" Iran's atomic program.

2. According to the BBC, flooding and landslides in Indonesia have left at least 15 people dead.

3. According to The Times of Israel, Israel is providing advanced electronic warfare systems for aircraft to Turkey, a fulfillment of an earlier order that was put on hold in the wake of the infamous Mavi Marmara incident in 2010.

4. According to the BBC, the US cyber security firm Mandiant has said that a secretive branch of China's military is probably one of the world's "most prolific cyber espionage groups".

5. According to The Raw Story, authorities received numerous reports of "fireballs" zooming through the sky over southern Florida on Sunday night, and at least one of them was caught on tape by an amateur videographer.

Matthew 24:42 //

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