Rocket from Gaza lands in Israel (Second Coming Watch Update #313)

Released: February 27, 2013 By: Daniel Whyte III

1. According to The Associated Press, a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck Israel on Tuesday as tensions are mounting in the region weeks ahead of President Barack Obama's visit. A police spokesman said remains of the rocket were found south of the city of Ash-ke-lon, in southern Israel. The attack caused damage to a road but no injuries. It was the first such projectile from the Palestinian territory to hit Israel since hostilities ended in a ceasefire last November.

2. According to Agence France Presse, Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed El-Ba-ra-dei warned of chaos in the troubled nation if parliamentary elections go ahead in April, as protesters demonstrated in Cairo against Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. The leading figure in the National Salvation Front coalition said that torture, abductions and a lack of social justice were still blighting Egyptian society. He said that to press ahead in those circumstances risked setting the country on a "road to total chaos and instability."

3. According to The Associated Press, Iraqis increasingly fear that militants on both sides of the country's sectarian divide are gearing up for a new round of violence that could undo the fragile gains Iraq has made in recent years. Leaflets from a militant group with ties to Iran have begun showing up at Sunni households demanding that the families leave or face "great agony...

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