The Effects of Sexual Promiscuity on a Man

What does sexual promiscuity do to a man? If a man is sleeping around with multiple different women, is that something he should boast about, and does that make him worthy of our accolades? Join Deacon Cliff as he presents another side of the story, addressing this issue from God's perspective, and from a Christian apologetics point of view. Many people ask the shallow question, is sex before marriage right or wrong? Deacon Cliff attempts to shatter that shallow mindset, and demonstrate clearly, that this is not a question of right and wrong, but destructive and dangerous. It's time to rethink the Sexual Revolution, and change our paradigm on virginity and the beauty of sexual purity.

Onision in another very popular video answered a question that many people have very strong opinions and convictions about. Is it wrong to have sex before marriage? In an attempt to raise some other questions that would have one looking more carefully at the question and the issue from a different set of lenses. I attempt to (without apology) demonstrate that the question should be shifted from 'is it right?' or 'is it wrong?', to 'is it wise?' and 'is it in a person's best interest?' In this sermon, I temporarily move from what I strongly consider to be a moral and ethical issue, and answer from the angle of wise and productive living. I believe this is critical sex education at a critical time. Special thanks to Liberty For Youth, New Day Ministries, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

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