Point Of Grace - You Be The One

This song from Point Of Grace's album "A Thousand Little Things" reminded me of a couple of ministries at my home church. Although I am heavily involved in several ministries at my church, I am not directly involved with either of the ministries that came to my mind. But my wife is. One of the ministries is a mission ministry to orphanages in Guatemala. My wife (that's her at 1:25) has gone on several mission trips to Guatamala. The other is a ministry called Stephen Ministry, which is a ministry that reaches out to hurting people and provides comfort. That's what this song is all about, reaching out to others and "being the one". That may sound a little bit weird, since no one person can "be the one" to carry the weight of the world, other than Jesus. I think the point is that we should not observe hurting people and think to ourselves "someone else will take care of them". No, we are called to step in and do our part. The song is a call to service. A call for compassion.

A beautifully written song by Nicole Witt and Cindy Morgan. I believe the lead vocal on this one is Leigh Capillino.

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