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BFTBC – History of Fundamentalism Class #7 –Old Guard & Presbyterian Beginnings

History of Fundamentalism Class of the Bible For Today Baptist Church
900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108

--Text Book In Pursuit of Purity By Dr. David O. Beale--

Pastor Daniel S. Waite covered pages 113-126 on October 17, 2014, at Bible For Today Baptist Church

1. What controversy did the Presbyterians have among themselves (and other denominations) during the first half of the 1800s (Beale, 113)?
3. What was the name of James H. Brookes (1830-1897) church in St. Louis (Beale, 114)?

4. What percentage of the speakers at the First American Bible and Prophetic Conference of 1876 in Swampcott, Massachusetts were presbyterians (Beale, 114)?

5. Who was C. I. Scofield’s first Bible teacher (Beale, 114)?

6. What school did C. I. Scofield help establish in 1914 (Beale, 115)?

7. Name the two men that founded Dallas Theological Seminary in 1924 (Beale, 115)?

8. Who said the following about higher critics: “Let them divide off. Let those people who do not believe the Bible and who are critical of this and that part of it, go clear over to the other side. Let them stand behind the devil’s guns. There can be no compromise between infidelity and Christianity” (Beale, 115)?

9. How did some presbyterians view dispensationalism (Beale, 116)?

10. What are two systems did many presbyterians believe were “mutually exclusive” (Beale, 116)?

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