Law versus Grace

Law versus Grace

Law not meant to impose penalty for commission of a offense, nor to inflict injury
Law - torah from OT; to give instruction, teaching, or to train

Adam and Eve in garden of Eden disobeyed God
• Eve - sorrow in child birth
• Adam - work by sweat of brow
• Both cursed to die
• Cain slew Able
• Cain was marked by God and protected , even though he had murdered his brother Able
• When righteous men of God (sons of G0d) left righteousness to be with unrighteous women (daughters of men)
• God looks less at your actions and more at what is in your heart
○ In Satan is evil to disobey God
• One rotten fruit will spoil the whole bag, bunch, or bushel

• Moses received the commandments to teach to the people
• Obey the teaching, law will make you prosperous
• Blessing will overtake you when you keep the law
• If you don’t obey you will lose it all, one night stand instead of marriage, end needing public assistance, welfare, cheating on test but when you get to college find that you cant cheat and end of put out
• Carrying unforgiveness is drudgery in your life; you have to obey and release it, forgive, love even those that have not done the same for you
• We can be infected by being around sinful things, people ; the law helps us to set boundaries to overcome sin and not be spoiled by unrighteousness

• For the spoiled God wanted to give you his best so God rejects you
• That with
• Shall we sin because we are not under the law but under gr

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