Sermon: "Moses Meets the Lord," Rev. R. Scott MacLaren, First OPC Perkasie PA 7/01/12

The wildfires of Colorado have reminded us of the destructive power of a fire as thousands have been moved from their communities and hundreds have lost their homes. The fire that Moses saw on the side of Mt. Sinai was different from anything he had ever seen: the bush burned, but was not consumed. See what happens when Moses meets the Lord in this video sermon by Rev. R. Scott MacLaren, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Perkasie, Pennsylvania (an Orthodox Presbyterian Church). The sermon was recorded during the morning worship service of July 1, 2012. First Church meets at the corner of 5th and Race Streets in Perkasie, PA (USA), starting at 9:30 AM each Sunday. Come and join our congregation and see what God will do for you!

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