Today Is The Day (Of Salvation)

(Written by Kenny Carter)

This song is based upon personal experience, and the parable that Jesus taught in Matthew 20: 1-16.

Today is the day of Salvation

Not tomorrow or the next day, or even yesterday

Oh, today is the day of Salvation

Tomorrow might be too late.

And a I met a man

Who said he wished he'd read the Word

In his youth

He said if I had

Then God might have saved me

But I said to him don't you know

That you can leave your past behind

But then he put it off until some more

Convenient time.


And I used to feel

That Salvation was for later on, in the years

When you're old it just might soothe your fears

But I got to thinking, we're not even guaranteed tomorrow

And what you're surely gonna reap is, what you sow.


And a good man went out early

Seeking workers for the vineyard

For a wage

And he hired others all throughout the day

And he paid them all the same

Now what this says to me is this:

That if you're still in sin and strife

It's not too late

Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord

And you can still receive

Eternal life.


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