News Bulletin 12 April 2013 -- The Christian Institute

Controversial new guidance has been issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission on religious beliefs in the workplace. It says vegans, druids and ecologists could ask to be excused from duties that conflict with their beliefs, and in some cases, ask for time off to attend ritual events -- A new Panorama investigation has discovered that abused women in Britain are being put at risk by some Sharia councils after being advised to only go to the police as a very last resort -- The Christian owner of a printing firm in Northern Ireland is facing a possible court challenge over his refusal to print a gay magazine -- Following a Northern Ireland Assembly vote which rejected same-sex marriage, MLAs could face legal action to force a change on the Province if it is redefined in the rest of the UK -- Former Government drugs adviser Professor David Nutt, who was sacked 4 years ago, has been given over half a million pounds to carry out research into 'magic mushrooms' to see whether the active ingredient in the drug - psilocybin - can help people with depression.

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