Remember Billy Graham (1918-2018) in His Most Inspiring Quotes

you are my strength

You Are My Strength

When your eyes meet mine in every way I go in life.
When my heart is so in ecstasy I see your glorious light.
When your word endures and keeps me on your path.
When your loving kindness keeps me.
When your hand is guiding firmly.
I know then I can depend on you.

1st Chorus:
You Are My Strength
You are my hope to give
You are my shield.
You are my life to live.

In my days of youthful zeal your voice often hear.
In my times of tribulation I can feel your presence near.
When the troubled waters start to show its rage.
When your graceful arms embrace me.
When your tender mercy heals me.
Then your Spirit brings me through the end.

2nd Chorus:

Youre my strength my heart
A very present help in times of strife and trouble.
Through the sands of time.
Your everlasting grace gives comfort to my heart and soul.


Forever to the end!

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