Pastor Jon Dunbar: "Restored in Christ: The Broken Seal"

Pastor Jon Dunbar: 'Restored in Christ: The Broken Seal'

The idea of the seal on Jesus' tomb, much like our modern deal seals on medicine and food products, was designed to make the tomb more difficult to open AND to make it obvious to the world if someone did open it. But no one needed to break that seal to let Jesus out. The seal on his grave was finally broken to let witnesses in to observe that Jesus was no longer there. God is still breaking seals in our lives everyday. It might be someone who worries constantly about things- and his/her mind is sealed off to changing his/her ways. Maybe you feel you can't talk to another person about your faith- and your mind is closed and sealed on that matter. But know that God has placed a permanent "seal" on the hearts and minds of all believers- the promise of eternal life that will NEVER be broken!

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