Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Feast of tabernacles used palm Trees


Lev 23:34


Palms, palm leaves in the Bible refers to heavenly places

Palm trees produce fruit

Palm tree grows straight up, no branches
- Coconut water nutritious and used in countries like India medicinally in lieu of saline solutions
- Life is in the palm
- Endogenous grows within
- We grow within, not external that causes us to grow strong and tall

Are you willing to lay down and worship Christ Jesus
- Jesus was humble, meek, when riding on donkey, showed peace not war as king

Fig tree
- symbolized Israel
- Tree bare no fruit
- Righteous shall flourish, those that appear to be a tree and bare no fruit are unrighteous
- Fruit of Spirit Gal 5
- Jesus didn't compromise; stand on Word of God

One minute praise you next week cried out crucify you
- Why when the good things change in your life, you have to stay the same in God
- Christ didn't change who he was in either circumstances
- Don't change due to your issues,stay true, righteous,and free from sins
- Righteous flourish like palm tree
- Devil has no control in your life, he can only do what God allows
- God wants to show you you and keep you humble
- If you don't know who you are somebody will tell you who you are
- Only person who truly knows who you are is God
○ You have to get in touch with God

Jesus knew of God's will

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