News Bulletin 14 September 2012 -- The Christian Institute

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been in hot water this week over a slur that opponents of gay marriage are 'bigots' -- And there are calls for Green Party councillor Christina Summers, to be expelled after voting against lobbying the Government to redefine marriage -- 2 junior health ministers Anna Soubry and Norman Lamb have suggested that assisted suicide should be allowed in Britain -- Former BBC radio presenter Roger Bolton has said that the Corporation has a mindset that assumes Christians are lunatics -- Itv's 'X Factor' received numerous complaints after one of the show's competitors performed a highly sexualized and provocative dance routine, which was aired 'before' the 9pm watershed -- The BBC has also come under fire from fans of 'The Archers' after a poll appeared on its website, asking if two of the show's characters should abort their unborn Down's Syndrome baby? -- And a Bible used by Elvis Presley and containing his handwritten marks and thoughts, was sold for £59,000 at an auction in Cheshire last week.

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