Shift Happens TV with Guest Roger Hanson

Raised in rural Texas, Roger Hanson has led quite a diverse life. Born into a family of musicians, Roger went on to study Music at the University of North Texas & Texas Christian University. The course of his professional life contains too many twists & turns to list separately, so suffice it to say that the next 17 years of his life saw him working in churches, headhunting organizations, the New York City musical theatre stage -- and finally, as a Division President for one of the world's largest translation & interpretation services companies.

As 2008 became 2009, this "sensitive" boy from Texas who found himself in the biggest of corporate arenas in one of the world's largest cities (London), decided it was time to understand his life from a deeper perspective. For Roger, this meant transitioning out of corporate life so he could begin an intentional time of self-enquiry, enabling him to closely examine this sensitivity he had not yet fully embraced. He also began to study the connection between mind, body, & spirit -- energy & matter -- different levels of consciousness -- and how all of this affects our existence as human beings.

Whilst he discovered many things, one of the most important lessons he learned had to do with the difference between love & fear. It sounds like such a simple subject -- and in reality, it is -- but it became very clear how often people, who consider themselves to be loving in nature (Roger included), actually choose to act out of fear, wi

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