Beyond the Matrix with guest Dr. Rebecca Merz on Transpersonal Psychology

The Spiritual Broadcast Network ( welcomes host Avananda and her premiere of 'Beyond the Matrix.' Avananda's guest in this first episode is Dr. Rebecca Merz.

For over 13 years, Dr. Rebecca Merz has been helping individuals to access deeper levels of consciousness to bring about healing and change, and to enhance creativity.

Dr. Merz researched the transformative and healing effects of the psychomanteum process for 7 years during her work as a psychomanteum facilitator and research coordinator at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Her doctoral dissertation, Transformations of Bereavement in a Psychomanteum Process: Qualitites of Meaning and Paths of Change, was presented at the University of Arizona Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference in 2010. It is published online at

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