Decree for America PSA

Church leaders nationwide are being asked to set aside time in their services on Sunday, November 4th, to read Decree for America, a written proclamation in direct opposition to the official 2012 platform of the Democratic Party. Ratified by majority vote, the highly contentious, written decree of the Democratic Party seeks three radical changes from their 2008 platform that will, no doubt, have repercussions in the United States and across the globe:

1) Taxpayer-funded abortion
2) Legalization of same-sex marriage
3) Removal of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

The changes and omissions in the 2012 Democratic Party platform communicate a radical agenda that purposes to enforce them as law through legal fiat. In response, the Decree for America has been established addressing the 2012 Democratic Party platform decree:

1) We decree LIFE. We decree that human life possesses intrinsic dignity from the moment of conception until death.
2) We decree TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES. We decree that marriage is between a man and a woman exclusively.
3) We decree an UNDIVIDED ISRAEL. We decree that Jerusalem will always be the indivisible
capital of Israel.

Decree for America strongly encourages Americans to refute the radical decrees, presented as the 2012 Democratic Party platform, by responding in two powerful ways:
1) Read and sign the online petition at,
2) Ask church leaders nationwide to set aside time during Sunday services on Nov.4

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