The Messed Up Churches of America

This is the follow up to the Things Pastors Say.
-I stopped listening to rap/hip hop music. God spoke a confirming word to me one day saying "Look what you gave up." That was a good thing.
-God led me to fast once concerning situations at the church I was attending. He revealed to me that there were spirits there. I prayed to discover their identity and he said the three spirits there were "fear, greed, and lust". This helped explain why the youth ministry was shut down. It reminds me of the parable in Matthew 21:31-40. Also of the fact that there are spirits behind the battles we face with people (Ephesians 6:12).
-One pastor would remark how God had a multi-cultural anointing on the church each time someone would join who was not of the majority ethnic group. God spoke to me one evening as I was talking about this with a friend from the church. He said that this would not happen under his leadership. This is not a judgement on the pastor. Jesus spoke of reaping where one has not sown but both will receive a reward in John 4:36-38. David wanted to build a temple but it was left for his son Solomon to build. Paul speaks of how one plants and another waters, I Corinthians 3:5-8.
-Finally, I was driving home one day and voiced this question, "Why are churches in America so messed up?" The answer came as soon as I finished the question. The spirit spoke and said, "Because the bible is used and not taught."
How many pastors presented a series of lessons based on popular books?

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