John J. Burnett Jr. On The Mountain Top With Jesus

About two years ago I lost my job after 8yrs do to lack of work, and my apartment because I was unble to pay the rent and lost my car because I could not afford to keep it any longer. Before long I started to break down physically. Which lead me to the hospital for two months and I lived in a nursing home in Forsyth county in GA. For six month I spent in rehabilitation for an injury of my foot while in the hospital. I could not walk well. I was told I would need a walker and a cain to get around and would need to wear a brace on my foot for the rest of my life. On top of that I was experience metal problems. To be frank, I was a mess.

I returned to the nursing home after two years to show myself and thank the people who took care of me in my time of need as well as encourage the current residents with a message from the Lord. Everyone in the facility including the residents were blessed and glad I was doing so well.

Ministry time with the residence was not recorded , but know it did take place. And it was amazing.

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