The Hater of Reason

The Hater of Reason by Joe La Bianca
We are here for a reason
We move in a plan
We are no mishap of early man
We were created
We are conserved
The first and second laws of science observed
But the mind of the world from TV shows
Has been so confused so God only knows
That the Hater of reason mocks through the idiot box
He’s rewriting history
He, bending the truth
The books in school have changed since my youth
They try to tell us
What is not so
So every hint of reason will go
And the mind of the world through higher ed
Has been so abused that it’s almost dead
Still the Hater of reason tries till the day we die
Now here is the curve ball
That God has tossed
The only thing we need is the cross
For the mind of the world is so deceived
But it can be healed if it just believes
That the Hater of reason died from the Crucified

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