I Will Make A Difference

Have you ever looked around yourself in despair?
Have you viewed a situation that seemed far beyond your reach?
You knew the odds were stacked against you and throwing the towel in you said I am just one person, irrelevant, unimportant, insignificant?
But what if………you had swallowed a lie.
What if instead of looking at the mountain you were just determined to take the first step.
What if instead of looking at the darkness you were determined to be a light.
What if you took the hand you had been dealt in life and no matter how crappy, you made the decision to go all in?
To be an encourager in the work place.
To be a smile, a laugh, a hug to those in sadness.
To be a hand reached out to the one who has fallen.
To say, I AM, I am, I am, one person who will make a difference.

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