I was a Homosexual : Soonhwa Kang

Can You be Freed from Homosexuality?
-Soonhwa Kang, HMU Church-

The answer is YES!!! Through the love of God, you can overcome homosexuality.
Soonhwa confesses that God’s love was powerful enough to free her from her homosexual lifestyle.
She chose to be homosexual because of her hatred towards men and loneliness.
She saw one girlfriend after another, dating and spending nights with them, but they couldn’t fill her emptiness. Instead, she felt guilty.
She wanted to find a way to overcome her lifestyle.
Finally, she met the risen Christ — Jesus, who died for our sins and rose from the day in three days!
The resurrection of Jesus Christ enlightened her, because it proved that Jesus is God!
God’s love was powerful enough to fulfill her heart and heal her worldly desire towards women.
Jesus has risen!!! If you repent the sin of not believing in Jesus as your Lord and receive Him as your Lord in your heart, you’ll be able to live the abundant life in Jesus.
The power of the gospel can heal anyone — even homosexuals.
God bless you all.

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