Supernatural Glory Angel Orbs Pictures!

I first witnessed the glory orb phenomenon on a Navajo missions trip where the cameras were working fine and taking normal pictures; then the glory came down (the Holy Spirit powerfully moved) and then glory orbs showed up in multiple digital camera pics!rnI then found out that another believer friend has also witnessed these glory angel orbs in his life as well and many of his pics. are included here as well.rnrnFor a biblical and scientific look at the orbs you can go to his website at:rn

He and I have also witnessed the glory/gold dust and other unique end time signs and wonders!

You can read more about the gold dust miracle and a scientific look at it on his site as well. Yeshua/Jesus gets all the glory! May the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit be free to move amongst God's people in these last days. All things are possible to them that believe, shalom....*The last angel orb picture with the blond girl in it is from Joie Pirkey with Shouts of Joy Ministries.*Additional note: Ps. 91:11 was from the NIV. Other vs's used from the KJV in the video

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