Give the World a Hug

A rap I wrote and recited at our Christmas party at work. The last verse was accidentally cut off, but here are the lyrics:

Hook: I wish I could give the world a hug, every child, grownup, christian or thug
I'd make the world a better place, spread love like butter, hate I would erase (repeat 1x)
I think about the state that the world is in, how peoples minds and their lives are controlled by sin
The defamation of a nation that is falling apart, condemnation's compensation is a stake in the heart
It's inconceivable, war is really under way, seems like we're losing mighty soldiers almost everyday
My heart cries when they die to keep us free, I know they have a beautiful mansion in eternity
Wish I could go from city to city and from state to state, sharing love that I have, eradicating the hate
Then I'd travel every continent, every land, doing my best to spread love and lend a helping hand
Wouldn't it be wondrous if me, a mighty woman, could put an end to a group like the Klu Klux Klan
And help them change their ways of thinking and lashing out, show them what the true meaning, of love is about
And every separatism group if we'd come together, we'd be like a rainbow after stormy weather
And live truly as \"one nation under God\" and then our idiosyncrasies won't really seem so odd
I agree with the Peas when they sing \"where is the love\", we need to redirect our minds to the Lord above
And repent, for the Kingdom is well at hand, we all have fallen but like Donnie said it's time to \"stand\"
Wouldn't it be great to see a date of a different race, not receive 50 glances when they enter a place
Cause color w

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