Mikeschair - Someone Worth Dying For

Mikeschair - Someone Worth Dying For

Most of us at one time or another have asked God "What do You see in me that makes me worthy of salvation? What do You see in me that You sent Your only son to die for me?" I'm reminded of Psalms 8:4 - "What is man that You are mindful of him?" Well first of all, God created us. Regardless of the ugliness inside all of us, He only sees beauty. Second, He loves us unconditionally.

This song by Mikeschair addresses those questions. The bridge of the song pretty much gives the answer: "You're worth it, you can't earn it. The cross have proven that you're sacred and blameless. Your life has purpose." So, yes, you *are* someone worth dying for.

The song was written by Ben Glover, Mike Grayson, and Sam Tinnesz.

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