Last days trumpet sounds caught on video worldwide? (Please share on your facebook for your unsaved friends to view. Also, if you have youtube feel free to upload)

On the second week of January 2012 strange sounds were heard and recorded all over the world. Some by amateur footage, news stations and others even during sports event broadcasts. The majority of them occured on Jan. 12th 2012. What were these sounds? And why do they sound alot like the Jewish shofar that is suppose to sound at the end of time? Are these warnings from heaven, or something else? Listen carefully and judge for yourself. Whatever it was, one thing can be said for certain; it was scary sounding, drives chills down your spine; and no one has been able to explain what it was or where it came from yet. Some say it may have been the earth's plates shifting, but that wouldn't be heard all over the earth, would it? And why does every account claim they heard the sound coming out of sky? Check it out, it's kind of creepy.

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