News Bulletin 25 November 2011 -- The Christian Institute

Yoko Ono, Sting, Sir Richard Branson and former American president Jimmy Carter have signed a letter calling on the UK Parliament to consider decriminalising drugs -- Grenoside Primary School in Sheffield is facing a backlash from parents over its plans to expand sex education lessons to children as young as four -- A mayor in France has presided over a homosexual marriage in a bid to force the country to adopt a new marriage definition -- In Scotland, there is still time to add your response to the Government's consultation on changing the definition of marriage -- A Christian baker in the US may face legal action after she politely told a lesbian couple that she could not make them a wedding cake -- The Christian Broadcasting Council has warned that churchgoers are under-represented at the BBC -- And former footballer Gary Parkinson has landed a new job as a talent scout despite suffering from 'locked-in syndrome'.

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