Called To Be The Light (2011 remake) - original song

She feels all alone! The other kids in her class make fun of what she believes! She's a Christian, but now she's thinkin' That the path that she chose is just too hard! And she says, "Maybe everybody's right,"
But I say, please remember God is by your side!//She struggles to keep her faith, As the kids continue to leave her out of all of their games,
'Cause she's a Christian, and she's still thinkin' That the path that she chose is still too hard! And she says, "I just need someone to care,"
And I say, know that God will always be right there! (And He'll say...)////Chorus: That's just what this world does, it'll make you feel like you're who's wrong, When in fact, you're what makes this world bright, Called to be the light! You're called to be the light to the world!////This world will hurt you, Tease you, and curse you, But your gift is much more Greater than they know! We're called to witness To those who tease us, Show them forgiveness, And lead them to Jesus! © 2011 by Ben Mullins

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