Jesus was not a sun god

For more informtion to go the Christian think tank for the copycat savior myth:

The picture of Horus in the underworld is "Courtesy of Windows to the Universe," Also another excellent site for this type of research.

More and more websites and video's are coming up on the net stating that the life of Jesus is nothing more then a copy of Egyptian gods. They name a long list of suffering, dying and rising gods that have supposedly done many of the same things Jesus did. While many of these sites offer little to no evidence this is true but just copy their information from other sites, the few sites that do offer the names of books for references don't tell you that research has long ago been debunked and they are just recycling old untrue information.....though they may not even realize it themselves.

Glen, at the Christianthinktank has done an indepth study on all of these gods and on close examination finds little about their story as being the same as the life of Jesus. For those that feel they cannot trust a Christian site, PLEASE then go to a reliable Egyptian or pagan gods site to see if any of these gods had a life like Jesus'. Check and see who is running whatever site you find yourself on, and see what their views are. Check out their sources also. Also look for sites run by museums or universities as they tend to only present the facts and are not slanted by their beliefs.

There was no way I could cover this as well as Glen does or cover all the 'gods' in question here, but he does on his site and gives refences to his resources for anyone to view. Other links:

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