10 Thousand Reasons (Our Bebo Christmas Contest Entry)

Our entry to the Bebo Norman Christmas comedy video contest. A Parody - The song is written to the tune of I'm Alright off Bebo's 10,000 days CD. (melody by Bebo, lyrics and performance: ME)

I've got a little jingle in my pocket.
Just not enough to come see you.
A simpleton who thought he'd just sit
and write a song to prove to you.
That I've got christmas down inside me
and Bebo oozin out my veins.
And I'm not scared to fly Hey hey (I like airplanes)

I used to think of Christmas as a reward
I time to recieve all I can
But now I know a little bit about giving
I thought I'd give you just that chance
And it might help if you see christmas
Through the eyes of a bebo fan
So I will try.

Take a look at our Christmas Stockings
Sewn with care out of Bebo Concert Tees
Your albums decorate our Christmas Tree
And note my fabric of verse CD
It''s sealed and it's
It's Airtight!

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