Dove Super Fan Contest!

Dove Super Fan Contest!Be sure to watch the GMA Dove Awards on April 23 on Gospel Music Channel!Please Send me to them by doing anything possible with this video :)Music by: Fireflight, Skillet, TobyMac, BarlowgirlSome things that arent in my video that i thought were worth mentioning(didnt want to make my vid too long...):1. These artists are my role models, i just love to get their merch to contantly remind me of how they used their talents to shape their lives, and that God will use me to do the same!)2. i watch Gospel Music Channel 24/73. some people are actually amazed at how i can just listen to Spirit Fm, know the band name, and everything about them!4. I'm soon to be a poor college student, and have never been to Nashville (of which i have only dreamed about visiting!)5. I live in Florida, aka state were bands rarely come to unless its for a big festival (mucho expensive), or the just stop in Jacksonville (4 hours away!!), so i dont get to go to as many concerts as i want to :(

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