Freedom Video Contest - Your Freedom Reign

Freedom Video Contest
Your Freedom Reigns
Directed, Produced and Edited by Chandler Branzell
Performed by Aria Maniak
Written by Chandler and Kathy Branzell
Lindsay Gates
Maggie Gates
Erica Saltzgaber
Aria Maniak
Chloé Clough
Jenna Keifer
Lani Forte
Cameron Harris
Debora Camargos
Jess Christine
Rylea Brown
Dakota Holley
Cassie Nexus
Faith Benton
Molly Smith

My friend, I see you hurt
With danger you're a flirt
Trying to drown out the pain
But here you go again

Lord, our hope, I lift up prayers to You
For this is what You said to do
They need Your power and might
Because the world says its alright
Imprisoned by its chains
Lord let Your freedom reign
Lord let Your freedom reign

Afraid to go to school each day
Not knowing what they'll do or say
Words that hurt and tears that sting
Lord send the strength Your freedom brings

A touch, a kiss, a push for more
He wants to take her through that door
Tells her that he loves her so
Give her the freedom to tell him no


This is not a high
It's really just a lie
It starts with a sip
And down the road you trip
Until the bottle has you in its grip

I fear he is its slave
On the way to an early grave
Desperately I cry your will
To break the craving for this pill


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