Greater Love

Greater Love

&acirc;�&nbsp; Pax et Bonum &acirc;�&nbsp;<br />

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My first Ever video. Greater Love. A song I composed back in 1988 for the Mass as a Eucharistic reflection or to be sung during the distribution of Holy Communion. My good friend Gabrielle came to me with some words and asked me to put music to them - so I did. This version was recorded by St. Patrick's Folk Choir, Ireland, in 2004, for the CD &quot;Greater Love&quot;. Credits at end of video. Enjoy. Slan. AICXCNIKAO<br />
<br />
<br />
Jesus, present in this Eucharist.<br />
Welcome to our hearts, so longing for your touch.<br />
Your gentle touch, that love divine.<br />
Under bread and wine, healing every soul.<br />
Making them whole.<br />
<br />
Oh how, we need to thank you Lord.<br />
For your cross, our salvation.<br />
Where on that tree, on Calvary.<br />
You bled and died, sanctified, our lives to set us free.<br />
Great victory.<br />
<br />
So we come to you, and we kneel and say Praise You.<br />
Jesus Lord, take our sins away.<br />
Greater Love, no man hath.<br />
Dying for his friends, love has no end.<br />
Love has no end.<br />
<br />
And as we leave, His holy table.<br />
Saving guest, within our person.<br />
Lets take His love, into the world.<br />
By our words and deeds, we can sow the seeds, <br />
that will make His kingdom come.<br />
For everyone.<br />
<br />
Words by Gabrielle Bennett (inspired by John Ch 15:13)<br />
<br />
Music and musical arrangement by Brendan O'Mahony (inspired by the Holy Spirit.)<br />
<br />
Performed by St. Patricks Folk Choir, Ireland<br />
<br /

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