Gaza Pt2 6-6 Bible Prophecy's & Trouble

Gaza Pt2 6-6 Bible Prophecy's & Trouble

Gaza Pt2 1-6 Bible Prophecy's & Trouble

In Pastor JD's latest Bible prophecy teaching after weeks of being in Israel & the the holiday hustle & bustle, he takes a look at what the Bible prophecy's about what are now the current events in the Gaza strip. This teaching was a 4 part teaching split over 4 weeks. This is Part 2 which was recorded on 1/4/2008 A.D. This teaching, along with all of JD's weekly Mid-East Bible Prophecy Updates, was originally presented & recorded on Sunday morning before our regular Sunday chapter by chapter & verse by verse Bible teaching. These Teachings are also seen on Olelo & heard on KLHT radio 1040 AM or at or they are downloadable in there entirety from our web site.

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