I Love You Lord

A new arrangement of the old song 'I Love You Lord' written by Laurie Klein. Added: worship rap lyrics. Lyrics: I love You, Lord. And I lift my voice. To worship You. Oh, my soul rejoice. Take joy my King. In what You hear. Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear. I love You Lord, more than words could roar When I soar, more than ever before To Your throne Every bone Creates a tone For You alone So I sing, no bling bling And I ring every amazing thing About everything You've ever done Praise to Your awesome Son So I run Your praises Cause Your love amazes For it raises Everything good unlike us, we're just lost cases So Lord, please hear these phrases Creator of splendor With this song I try to render Though I know I can never succeed My Defender I surrender You're my King Yours truly, AmazeP, sender

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