God Sends Evil Angels

Who is in control? God or Satan? Who is putting the plagues and catastrophes upon the earth? God or Satan? In this video teaching from Revelation chapter 16, Apostle Eric ministers the word of the Lord for this hour. In this chapter we see God judging the false priesthood of the beast and the people of the earth for refusing the counsel of the Lord and the covenant of Christ. God gives them the communion of their own blood to drink, which is the communion of their own bitterness and gall. . .With His judgments God rebukes man�s transgressions. Quoting from Deuteronomy 32:23, �I will heap mischiefs upon them; I will spend mine arrows upon them.� Meaning, �I will send evil angels among them, which will bring My wrath.� We see this in Egypt where God sent evil angels among them, called the angel of destruction, or the death angel. Is God doing the same today. Has God assigned evil angels to bring confusion and havoc to the kingdom of the flesh. The people of the earth will not be able to reverse God�s judgments with their science. . .Video teaching also includes how God placed the God-Code of Himself in all things, establishing Himself as the original pattern of all existence. But sinners have refused His testimony and changed His judgments. God has a right to correct what belongs to Him and all His judgments are in equity. Apostle Eric also addresses this final question, �Does Jerusalem today reflect the interests of God?� Next week Apostle Eric will address this question, �What is going to

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